Kim Kardashian forgot North West in the Paris hotel she was staying at earlier this week because she was too busy worrying about the paparazzi.

It’s so humiliating and embarrassing but that seems to have been the case for Kim earlier this week as she headed to the airport following a hectic Paris Fashion Week.

But as she was about to jump into her ride en route to the airport, she realised North was still in the hotel — so she made a quick return to her room where she collected her daughter and finally entered the vehicle.

What the 33-year-old didn’t forget that day was her style. Kim Kardashian made sure that she was dressed to impress, knowing photographers (that she calls herself) would be waiting for her outside.

It’s not really shocking to see that Kim forgets her daughter in the hotel but never forgets to pack on her make-up or never forgets to wear the most outrageous choice of clothes.

The media has made fun of Kim’s parenting skills over the past year, stating that Kim was spending way too much time away from her daughter with her constant traveling.

It’s already bad enough that Kanye West is constantly on the road, on tour, working on his album while opting to stay in Paris most of the time, despite claiming he’s still living with Kim in Kris Jenner’s Calabasas home.

The name ‘Ignori’ has truly caught on and the video proves exactly why the poor girl carries that nickname the media has given her.

In the video, you see Kim walking through the photographers before being left gobsmacked as she realizes North is still in the hotel.

Her bodyguard is heard saying “Is she not here?”

Why would she be? Can she fly?

Oh dear. Catch the shocking video and judge for yourself.