Kristen Stewart has finally accepted her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson has moved on.

The actress, who waited almost two years in hopes to reconcile with Rob, realised that her chances of ever getting back with her former beau were very low now that he has hooked up with British singer, FKA Twigs.

With sources alleging that the couple are “deeply in love” and how Robert could see himself marrying FKA just weeks after they started dating, there really isn’t anything Kristen could’ve done from this point onwards.

Stewart supposedly remained single for two years after Pattinson pulled the plug on their relationship. It was alleged that Robert couldn’t overlook the cheating affair Kristen had with Rupert Sanders — he felt like she misused his trust.

So things ended between them, but Kristen always remained hopeful.

Sure, Robert Pattinson has been linked to dozens of girls these past couple of months, but not one of them ever confirmed a relationship with the Brit actor.

FKA Twigs is the only one to our knowledge that has showed some kind of PDA with R-Patz — in fact, these two have been showing so much PDA in the last few weeks, one has to question themselves by Robert never acted like that around Kristen in public.

Was he really in love with her after all?

Either way, it is believed that ever since learning Robert has moved on, Kristen has been getting closer to her ‘Equals’ co-star, Nicholas Hoult, who recently became single following his split from Jennifer Lawrence.

They’ve been spotted heading out to bars together but remaining to keep a low-key profile, just the way Kristen likes it.

It seems that if she really is dating Nicholas, she’ll keep this romance as private as possible having seen how much the media attention affected her with the last relationship she was in.

Nicholas seems like a good kid himself. Someone who’s very private in his own right, so perhaps Kristen moving on with him isn’t such a good idea after all.

Waiting for someone to give you another chance for two years is a long time. It’s nice to know Kristen has accepted the fact that Robert will never want to get back with her sooner rather than later.