Uh OH, yet another Kardashian makes headlines this week. Kylie Jenner has her fans raving about her sexy photo that was posted to Instagram this week.

According to sources Kylie Jenner is becoming more sexy like her sisters but why so early? Well, you can not blame the girl — look who her role models are.

A lot, of people have been talking for some time about the frisky teen because well lets admit it she just does not act her age AT ALL. First, her 24-year old boyfriend and now the Instagram picture revealing her boobs!

It seems to me that Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mom, does not disapprove the behavior either. Although if you watch the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” you can pretty much tell that Kris does not lay too many strict rules on the girls.

I mean come on, why would she? They are her cash cows! Especially Kim.

Kylie’s photo not only reveals cleavage but it also looks like the to grown teen may have had a boob job done. Maybe that was her way of flaunting it off. Not a good look Kylie.

Although we all love the Kardashians they tend to get out of hand and they always end up front cover of every magazine.

Maybe they will all learn to settle down and Kylie will act her age. But, Kris has some great amount of work to do before that change comes.