Kylie Jenner’s new romance with Tyga is not only causing headlines, it’s also attracting offers by E! in hopes for the duo to star in their very own reality show.

Word is that E! has approached Kris Jenner with an “astounding deal” to finalize an offer which would see 17-year-old Kylie and her 24-year-old rapper beau, Tyga, take on life as a couple.

It’s unclear what the structure of the show would be but one could assume that fans would see Kylie Jenner continue to branch out of Kendall’s shadow by starting her own business with the launch of her hair extensions, while Tyga will most likely be on tour, promoting his forthcoming album.

The show’s dramatic plot would probably then see Kylie’s friends question her on whether she thinks she can trust him while he’s away — will he cheat, or won’t he?

Anyway, it is believed that Kris is overlooking the idea of starting a reality show for her youngest daughter though it’s unclear how Kylie feels of it.

Kris is known to pimp out her daughters when it comes to money, and with it being an “astounding” offer, one could assume that Jenner may already be closing the deal before she even approaches Kylie with the idea.

The 17-year-old has been pretty low-key with her new alleged romance to Tyga.

It’s a little odd that these two have been spending so much time together, share cute messages to one another on Instagram and then deny that they’re an item.

The fact that they are hanging out together is weird in itself, but these are Kardashians we are talking about. There are two things these girls don’t rule out: money and men of color.

Should Kris Jenner sign the deal and convince Kylie it’s a good idea to share her private life to Tyga on reality television, the show would most likely go into production by the end of the year.