News about Lord and Miller coming on board for “The Lego Movie 2″ was first reported by You’ve got it; there’s a new Lego movie to take your kids to and secretly enjoy for yourself in the works.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, writers of the first film that pulled in a larger box office than anyone expected, $460 million worldwide to be exact, have signed on with Warner Bros to write and produce the next big Lego adventure.

When I first saw the trailer for the film, my first thought was “Really?” Later on, after more and more hype built up about it and the comedic brilliance of the movie started rising from the trailers and reviews that were piling up, I had to watch the movie myself. I did not regret it. If the sequel is even close to as brilliant as the first, I won’t hesitate to watch it this time.

Although the director for the new toy block blockbuster hasn’t been chosen, Warner Bros. has some exciting things brewing. Warner Bros. made a massive announcement, including the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ trilogy of the Harry Potter spin-offs, three other Lego titles for upcoming films, one including ‘NinjaGo’ and the other being ‘Lego Batman.’ ‘Lego NinjaGo’ is set to be released in 2016 with ‘Lego Batman’ following up the next year and finally, ‘Lego Movie 2’ set for 2018. McKay, who supervised animation on “The Lego Movie,” is directing Lego Batman from a script by Seth Grahame-Smith with Lee, Lin, Lord and Miller all returning as producers.

Probably the best news about ‘Lego Movie 2’ being in the works is that Will Arnett will again voice the Caped Crusader, who mimicked Christian Bale’s Batman basso profundo voice in “The Lego Movie.” Get your kids prepped, there’s some new movies to check out with them coming up!