Is Miley Cyrus planning on reuniting with Liam Hemsworth?

According to sources, the singer who has remained single for the past year to solely focus on her music career, is missing her ex-boyfriend is making moves on getting him back.

As Cyrus has been caught up with her Bangerz world tour, the starlet hasn’t really had time to dwell on the break-up from Liam.

It’s said that Miley hasn’t had that much time for herself seeing that her split from Liam came right around the time her latest album hit stores and she was busy promoting it all over the place.

Most famously at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

Well, as her tour is closing very soon, Miley Cyrus is planning to take a long needed break from music to focus on herself and her private life — which supposedly means she’ll also want to focus on her love life.

With Liam recently saying in an interview that he has nothing but love for his former girlfriend, several media outlets claim that Miley stands very good chances if she was to try and get back with Hemsworth.

You may recall that Liam wasn’t happy with the new image that Miley was promoting. He hated the whole “sex sells” image his fiancee (at the time) was going for. It was too daring, too raunchy and mostly inappropriate.

But maybe if Miley tries to win Liam back, she’ll make the excuse of it all just being for publicity to sells a couple of records.

Miley’s career went through the roof last year. She’s sold more records last year than in any previous year.

She’s managed to sell out arenas all over the world, which she has struggled with in the past, and her fan base quickly grew thanks to her outrageous VMA performance.

Miley’s marketing team have done a great job to get her where she is today.

I also believe that Miley Cyrus is now in the position that Rihanna is in right now; they can both release songs and music videos without being naked and the music will still sell.


Perhaps because we’ve already seen them practically naked.

Miley will probably get back with Liam Hemsworth, but he could do better.

*hint* Jennifer Lawrence.