That’s right, everyone, Neil Patrick Harris has been chosen to host the 87th Academy Awards, to be aired in 2015.

Everyone loves Neil Patrick Harris, anyone who doesn’t is wrong. He’s an amazing actor, and incredibly funny human being and he’s got an unquestionable talent for hosting great award shows.

Neil confirmed on his twitter through a video he posted with the caption “I’m In!” that he has been set as the host for the award show, finally putting to rest the questions from his fans on whether he would finally cross this task off his bucket list.

After hosting other award shows such as the Emmys and Tonys and the big success they received from the viewing audience, we all know that next year’s Academy Awards are going to be something to really look forward to.

Neil, most well-known for his role in How I Met Your Mother and a character we all know and love, Dr. Horrible, shared his bucket list with his fans on twitter; the famous list numbered out things such as jumping out of a plane, rapping with Snoop Dogg, singing in company of The Muppets and definitely, hosting the Oscars.

Yes, even his bucket list is legen- wait for it – dary!

After this year’s huge success with Ellen DeGeneres as a host and accomplishing the greatest selfie ever, where she invited actors to run on stage with her to pose for a picture, it seems like a tough line to surpass.

But hey! Challenge accepted. (I hope you’re catching all of the Barney Stinson quotes I’m filling this with).
It was during this year’s award show that Neil had been asked by E! News when he would be the one to host the Academy Awards, to which he responded with “When they ask me!”

Harris even went further on to include his inner conflict about hosting the Academy Awards with three simple sentences: “That’s the kind of question if you say ‘No, I don’t want to do it,’ you look like a jerk. And if you say, ‘I’m dying to do it, you look like a jerk.”

“So you’re kind of left in the middle.” You should know, he didn’t say ‘jerk,’ but hey, that’s why we love him.

Well, they asked you, Neil; thank goodness that they did too. The 2015 Oscars are meant to air on February 22nd next year; keep your eyes open, one hell of an award show is heading your way!