NeNe Leakes sure knows how to make money.

According to reports, the reality star is making $1.5 million for Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and the forthcoming season its embarking on.

Several insiders stated that producers had to push their budget up for NeNe who was asking for money cash — she felt that she has outgrown the show and could easily get a good paying gig in Hollywood.

So her argument was that if the show doesn’t pay up, she’d quit and get that money elsewhere.

And seeing that NeNe causes the most trouble on RHOA, the show’s execs couldn’t just let her go. NeNe is pretty much one of the only reasons people still find the need to watch the program (though many may not like to admit it).

Nene got to “broker the huge pay increase because she is the most popular housewife of any of the Bravo franchises,” the source admitted.

“Without NeNe, RHOA wouldn’t be the ratings blockbuster that it continues to be. While some of the other shows including RHONJ and RHONY have endured ratings slumps, Atlanta has never had to endure that.”

Last season of RHOA easily averaged at 4 million viewers per episode. That’s more than what the Kardashians earn in viewership (2.3 million).

So with this huge audience, there seems to be this sense that NeNe leaving the show could make the ratings plummet. The shadiness and the reading wouldn’t be the same without Leakes in the room.

“NeNe made it known she would need a significant raise to do the upcoming season, and Bravo had no choice but to agree to it.”

Andy Cohen, who is an executive producer of the franchise, overlooked the deal seeing that he also handles contracts and negotiates deals. I’m sure that the negotiating with NeNe didn’t happen — he simply offered her an amount she wouldn’t be able to refuse.

With all the shows NeNe has appeared on over the years, along with her own clothing lines, her stint on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and her forthcoming business projects, Leakes has earned herself a whopping $8 million, according to reports.

For someone who started with nothing to now being a successful businesswoman, like her or hate her, NeNe is getting that paper.

And yes, she can now call herself a rich b*tch.