Nicki Minaj has dropped her ‘beau’ of 14 years because of his jealous ways.

According to sources Nicki has always felt that her boyfriend Safaree wanted to be a star as bad as she was.

Minaj figures that there is only room for ONE star and that indeed is herself! Safaree  is known for his temper and has been seen with the superstar countless times but who knew they were that bad off?

Sources claim that Nicki and Safaree had a understanding that he would be her hype man while she made the big bucks ! Safaree must have hated that plan all along because why now does he feel the need to be outrageously jealous?

Sources claim Safaree has had all of his Nicki tattoos covered up now. Is it that serious?

Every woman  knows that no REAL man wants to be living off his girlfriend’s riches. I’m pretty sure he was getting an excellent peice of the pie though. I mean it is Nicki Minaj!

After 14 years why leave now though Nicki? Maybe she has always felt the need that he wanted her stardom and was finally fed up! I wonder how Wayne feels about this..

Now we all love the oh so talented Nicki Minaj ( well some of us ) but I’m pretty sure we could understand her decision on letting him go. Who wants a ball hog on their team?