Nina Dobrev is showing all kinds of emotions on the set of Vampire Diaries, and they’re all negative.


A new report alleges that Nina can’t stand having Ian Somerhalder bring along his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, because the actress feels like she’s a distraction when the two are filming scenes together.

Matter of fact, even when Nikki is overlooking a scene with Nina that Ian isn’t part of, Nina feels like Nikki is only there to make criticism and judge her on her performances. She’s clearly not happy about it because she’s demanded producers to make sure Nikki is taken care of.

And by ‘taken care’ of, Dobrev doesn’t want Reed on-set whether it’s a scene that she’s in by herself or when she’s filming with Ian Somerhalder. It’s annoying.

Nina Dobrev sorta-kinda makes a point here.

Your ex-boyfriend brings along his new girlfriend who Nina supposedly isn’t a huge fan of, and all she does is gaze over the performances from the two.

A source revealed. “Ian and Nikki’s relationship is causing a lot of drama, to the point where the producers have asked Ian not to bring Nikki to set when Nina is there because they are very worried about losing her.”

It’s even more awkward when you consider Nina’s relationship to Ian these days.

It’s non-existent.

Nina was also blamed for the recent attack from fans against Nikki Reed on Twitter which saw people send death threats to the ‘Twilight’ actress, holding her accountable for blocking the reconciliation between Ian and Nina.

It’s pretty pathetic and though Nina’s behaviour has been questionable in recent months, she has a right to make sure nothing distracts her while she’s getting into characters — especially not your’s ex’s girlfriend who is tagged along to the set for no apparent reason.

If I was Nina, I’d react the same way.