Phaedra Parks and her move to divorce hubby, Apollo Nida, has just guaranteed her a spot on season eight of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

While fans of the popular franchise are still eagerly waiting for the seventh series to air on Bravo, our sources reveal that Phaedra just scooped herself from being on the chopping block once the forthcoming season comes to an end.

“Phaedra carries a huge storyline in season 7 thanks to Apollo and his criminal charges,” the source revealed.

“Now that RHOA is almost finished shooting scenes and Phaedra has come forward to share that she has given up on marriage to her partner, there’s no way that executive producer Andy Cohen would want to miss out on what Phaedra does post-divorce.”

As it was revealed last month, Apollo Nida is currently serving eight years behind bars for identity theft where he allegedly cashed in on millions of dollars.

Phaedra never really carried the way the way Nene Leakes does with her big personality, but we’re hearing that season 7 will definitely change things up between the cast.

And with us knowing that Apollo is now behind bars, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what follows for Phaedra following her divorce.

No woman needs to put her through what Phaedra Parks is currently going through. Wasting eight years of your life to finally get back with the love of your life. Um no.

Fans of the show still aren’t convinced that the Atlanta-based lawyer had nothing to do with Apollo’s shenanigans, but that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

So it’s fair to assume that season 8 will see Phaedra go on dates while juggling motherhood as a single parent while her children’s father is locked up behind bars.

And judging by how the RHOA newest trailer played out where Apollo snaps at Phaedra for not attending his court case, there’s no denying that Parks seemed totally over the situation and the marriage.