Robert Pattinson is finally showing signs he’s missing Kristen Stewart following the revelation she has now moved on to Nicholas Hoult.

The actor is said to be ‘jealous’ of his ex-girlfriend’s romance to Nicholas despite the fact that Stewart remained single since the split because she strongly hoped Rob would give her another chance.

All in all, it’s all Robert’s fault on this one.

The ‘Twilight’ star has been dating British singer, FKA Twigs, for the past two months and while their relationship is going strong, as sources say, Robert does think about Kristen a lot.

“Now that she’s with Nicholas, Rob thinks about Kristen constantly. There’s definitely still love being shown from his side but Rob wouldn’t know how to reach out to her,” a source admitted.

The love Robert and Kristen had for each other was undeniable. They were both two awkward Hollywood celebs in the sense that they would never show their affection for one another publicly, but pretty much spent all of their time together whenever they were not working.

One shouldn’t forget that Kristen was just eighteen years old when she got with Robert, so it’s fair to assume that Rob was her first ‘real’ love as an adult.

With rumours swirling that Pattinson is becoming jealous over Kristen’s new romance with Jennifer Lawrence’s ex-boyfriend, he doesn’t have anybody to blame but himself.

It was constantly reported that the couple ended up breaking up because Rob couldn’t overlook the shocking events of Kristen sleeping with Rupert Sanders.

He took her back but then ended things again because he reportedly had trust issues when it came to leaving Kristen by herself while he was working on movies. Every scenario possible that would see Kristen being by herself for a certain amount of time made Rob uncomfortable.

So there’s an understanding why he wanted to take some part apart from the actress. But why would he then go on to start dating FKA Twigs?

It seems like Stewart truly thought Robert stayed single because he would eventually take her back and they’d start again, but that didn’t happen when FKA came into the picture.

So Kristen has finally moved on and Robert starts getting jealous.

Not cute.