Sandra Bullock may be hooking up with Tom Cruise.

A new report suggests that the Hollywood couple are trying to find time between each other so that they can enjoy a couple of date nights following recent run-ins.

As we all know, Sandra has remained single ever since her split from cheating ex, Jesse James, while Tom reportedly hasn’t dated anybody either since Katie Holmes pulled the plug on their marriage over certain religion differences when it came to Scientology.

The National Enquirer tends to always have the scoop on Tom Cruise’s love life, right?

Well, this time it’s no different as the tabloid alleges that Tom and Sandra are trying to make something happen — perhaps a date night together that’ll determine whether they’re a good fit for one another.

They’ve seen each other a couple of times and sources say that there’s nothing but good chemistry between the two whenever they come face to face, though one source says it has never been anything more than a friendly greeting.

Until now.

“Now there’s no one special for either of them. It’s a natural love match,” a source for the National Enquirer reveals.

“It would be a match made in heaven.”

Both Hollywood stars have children, they’ve both lost their partners in recent years and they’re both hard-working actors.

I always sense that actors make the best couple. Or Hollywood stars in particular. Simply because they understand each other’s lifestyle better than anybody else. Tom and Sandra would always find time for themselves while juggling their careers and their family.

With media reports claiming Katie Holmes has moved on with Jamie Foxx, there’s nothing stopping Tom from finally moving on and finding love again. Sandra’s doors are open and from how she’s being portrayed as this “lovely woman”, Tom Cruise should definitely take on the offer for a romantic date.