Selena Gomez unfollowed Justin Bieber on Twitter this week following their trip to Paris for Fashion Week.

A celebrity unfollowing another celeb on Twitter usually means that the other person has done something to you that you weren’t pleased with.

And what did Justin do?

Well, he was spotted out, dining with Kendall Jenner — someone who he has been romantically linked to in the past.

Outlets claim that Selena was seen spending a lot of time with Kris Jenner during Fashion Week, but what was so interesting is that Kris and Selena actually got along very well.

They’ve spoken in the past when Selena was still good pals with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, but ever since the singer fell out with the sisters over some drama involving Justin Bieber post-Coachella, they haven’t spoken.

So back to Kris and Selena.

A source reveals that the momager of the Kardashian/Jenner family told Gomez, Justin had been making moves to get with Kendall during their dinner date.

Bieber really likes Kendall. He thinks highly of her — not only because she’s hard working, but because she has a somewhat fun personality who doesn’t surround herself with drama.

Of course the complete opposite of Selena Gomez who loves the drama, the alcohol and the alleged drugs that she was taking which led to her short stay in rehab earlier this year.

The former Disney starlet blamed Bieber for her downfall, they then took a break and just recently got back together.

But now it seems that jealousy is flowing through Selena’s body as Kris revealed to her that she’s convinced Justin is in love with Kendall.

I wouldn’t be surprised with Kris was only saying that to break up Selena and Justin so that she can officially make space for Kendall.

It would certainly drive huge publicity to the family — could you imagine Justin Bieber and Kendall actually dating though?

That family would be filled up with such huge egos. You have Kim, Kanye, Kris and then you have Justin — just some of the people in that family who’ll think they are something special.

Selena is believed to have dumped Justin again, but we all know she’ll reconcile with him in the future, unless Kendall snags him up now that he’s single again.

Her mother has sorta opened the doorway for her to take Justin Bieber and make him hers.