Not only are Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez filming their own reality TV show, the couple have snagged themselves a new mansion, it has been reported.

Weeks after Hernandez gave her fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members a beat down, Stevie announced he was in the works of his own show with VH1, presumably hinting that him and Joseline may be leaving LHH following what happened at the reunion last month.

Sources say ‘The Steviei J and Joseline’ show is currently being filmed, and the duo have certainly upgraded from what they had before.

For example. Many of you may know that Joseline and Stevie were struggling to foot the bill for their huge Atlanta mansion that they were renting out.

They allegedly started running behind in payments and it wasn’t long before the landlord decided to kick them out for insufficient payments for several months.

This time around it’s a little different as it’s believed VH1 is covering the bills for the couple’s new home where they are set to film their reality show.

Hernandez posted a photo of her new home on Instagram a couple of weeks back, and there’s no denying that the house is not only beautiful, it’s extremely big for just the two of them.

Nevertheless, it goes to show that despite being on one of the most popular reality shows on television right now, neither of them can actually afford the lifestyle they are pushing for.

But since VH1 is taking over their finances this time around, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

It’s still unclear when the show will debut, but an insider did confirm that it’s definitely in the works.

Having seen Joseline get into so many arguments and fights on Love & Hip Hop, there’s a sense that her new show will be completely different seeing that she won’t have to see the likes of Mimi Faust anymore.

We’ll probably see the two take on their journey to stardom as Joseline continues to try and became the next puerto rican superstar while her beau/manager/producer Stevie will attempt to make that happen.