Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are reportedly faking their “pregnancy” news in hopes to hype up their names for their forthcoming spin-off reality show.

It was recently revealed via certain outlets that Joseline and Stevie had signed a deal with Love & Hip Hop exec Mona-Scott Young following the brawl at the reunion show that left many cast members uncomfortable to work with the duo.

Well, Mona came up with a quick plan.

She presumably thought a spin-off show for the most-talked about characters on the show would be a good move in order to branch out and dominate even more hours on Vh1.

Whatever the situation may be over with Mona, a source familiar with Joseline and Stevie has confirmed that Hernandez is not pregnant.

The source states that the story emerging a week ago was simply put out to the media to hype their reality show. Another insider added that the alleged ‘married’ couple are still planning to be part of the LHH franchise but are in need for a solid storyline for their own show.

“A source close to reality TV stars Joseline “Jose” Hernandez and Stevie J reached out to SandraRose this morning to say Joseline is not pregnant.The source said Joseline, Stevie J, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta producer Mona Scott-Young manufactured the pregnancy hoax to keep the reality stars relevant.”

It’s like season 1 all over again with the pregnancy stuff, right? Joseline supposedly carried her previous baby to Stevie J during season 1 of LHH: Atlanta back in 2012, but opted for an abortion after being convinced by her husband who didn’t think it was the right time.

Now that they’ve been making quite a lot of money through reality television and club appearances, you’d think this would be an ideal time for them to start a family.

… but then you check up on Stevie J’s finances and what he’s currently owing the IRS and his baby mamas, and you understand why the former music mogul is in desperate need for cash.

Hence why he’s going to the extreme to fetch a good storyline to pull in the ratings.

A spin-off show for the two is going to be boring, nonetheless.

We’re going see Joseline in the studio, working on music that nobody cares about — nor will anyone buy it. Stevie rubbing his hands and tightening his lips is getting old real quick, and this fake pregnancy storyline is just the icing on the cake for me not to tune in.