Have you ever realized how huge the Taylor Swift fan base really is?

Let’s not cause an drama with them because so far, the Swift fans have been lashing out at anyone who admits they’ve listened to the album early. That’s right, 1989 has been leaked.

Just a few days before the release of the anticipated, genre-transfer, hyper pop album by Taylor Swift, someone has grabbed and leaked not only the normal edition of the album but also the special Target edition which includes 6 more tracks.

Hackers managed to get their sticky hands on this deluxe edition but they had to mess up somewhere.

Anyone who downloads from certain sites will find that some of the track names aren’t correct. The original leak has some tracks titled as ‘piste’ which is the French word for track.

This is a hint that the first leak came from someone French or in France, probably.

After the leak, the first song to be up on YouTube was ‘Blank Space,’ the song featured in the Target add that caught lots of attention all over.

There is currently one known link that requires a password to get the full leaked album with accurate track information on a Tumblr page.

Taylor Swift fans sure aren’t happy about the hacking and leaking of the album that blondie was so excited to reveal to her friends and fans on Monday; it came out Monday, guys! Could you not wait a few more days?

And it’s illegal too!

Swifties have committed themselves to not listen to the early release of the full album and are supporting Taylor, waiting for the official release (especially because most probably pre-ordered it and already paid.)

If you’ve chosen to be one of the people to get the leaked album, better off not stating that you did because the blondie’s followers are quick to respond to these posts on social media; watch out!