I, among many others, have been waiting for this album.

It’s always interesting when an artist changes the genre of music that they’re going to produce.

Moving from country to pop sure is an expected twist for Taylor Swift, I’m sure everyone saw it coming once she started straightening her gold locks. Other than the main single released to celebrate the new pop side of Swift, ‘Shake it Off,’ the entire album consists of 16 different songs.

‘Welcome to New York’ is a good start to the album because it sounds like a common pop song, the song is just there to say “Pop album; no more country.” Not to mention that it’s about New York, the city on which blondie claimed most of the songs on the new album were inspired by.

‘Blank Space’ is one of the best songs on the album because it has a hypnotizing beat, paired with the usual Taylor lyrics about meeting a special stranger.
‘Style’ is one of the ‘okay’ songs on the album.

The song does have good lyrics and constant melody but I feel like the change between the chorus and the main versus is too predictable.

‘Out of The Woods’ was the second single to be released from the album and when I first heard it, I thought it was meant to be the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, ‘Into the Woods,’ even though the titles contradict.

It’s silly but it’s really sticky; you just repeat the same line for the whole chorus but because it has such a nice back beat, you have to like it.

‘All You Had to Do Was Stay’ is my least favorite song. I’m not really sure as to why but it’s just not that great of a song. It’s not the beat but it does get boring after a while.

‘Shake it Off’ is another one of the best songs; it was the first single from the album to be released and it showed a great side of Taylor dealing with persons that criticize her and how she ‘shakes’ it off and doesn’t let it get to her. That and a super upbeat, catchy song.

‘I Wish You Would’ reminds me an awful lot of ‘Forever’ by HAIM. It has a similar back rhythm to the other song and the only thing that separates the two is the lyrics. I do like both songs; however, ‘Forever’ has a longer time on my iPod than ‘I Wish You Would’ so my preference to HAIM.

‘Bad Blood’ seems like a shot at Indie Pop mixed with a very mild attempt at folk type lyrics. Not one of my favorites.

‘Wildest Dreams’ is easily one of the best, if not, THE best song on the album; it has such a ‘Lana del Rey’ vibe to it. Slow tune, bitter sweet lyrics, soft notes; yes.
‘How You Get the Girl’ is one of those extremely cheesy songs that you can’t help but like for some reason…yeah.

‘This Love’ is just a tad bit too soft. It doesn’t give off a romantic song feeling to it as much as it’s intended to.

‘I Know Places’ seems like it’s based off of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane to me; it’s one of my favorite songs by him. Taylor’s song however, is not exactly up to that, again, because it’s still new to me but it’s a good song.

‘Clean’ is a song that really speaks from within, after getting over a hard relationship but it does so in such a sweet and gentle rhythm that it’s soothing.
‘Wonderland’ sounds like it was written by Avril Lavigne, really; Catchy but irritating after a while.

‘You R In Love’ is cheesy but not good cheesy. It’s too slow, too repetitive and a little bit dull despite the romantic intention behind it.

‘New Romantics’ is the last song on the album and here where it picks up the pace again after a series of slow and soft songs. This is a good pop song and it’s a great way to end her genre switch debut album.

Overall, it’s a good album; really good for her first pop album. In general: 3/5 stars.