Selena Gomez may be moving to New York to ditch Justin Bieber once and for all. And it’s all thanks to Taylor Swift.

Following previous rumours stating that Taylor wanted Selena to move to New York so that she can stop running after Justin, this story is sorta confirmed now that Gomez has admitted her best pal has pushed her to move to the east coast.

“Taylor has been begging me to live there. She’s like, ‘It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.’ Everyone always says I’m more New York when they meet me so maybe it would be good for me. I don’t spend enough time there,” she tells E! News.

Sources say Taylor Swift’s intentions on having Selena come to New York are purely so that Selena can stop being Justin’s puppy.

As you may know, the couple have recently broken up again as reports claim Selena was fuming when Justin and Kendall Jenner went on a date during Paris Fashion Week, seeing that Gomez is supposedly still feuding with the aspiring model.

Taylor believes that the constant arguing between Justin and Selena isn’t doing her friend no good. After all, one shouldn’t forget that it was merely Justin’s fault Selena headed to rehab earlier this year to allegedly battle an alcohol and substance abuse.

Swift may not have the best advice when it comes to dating men, but she’s making clear sense in making sure Selena comes to NYC — this would give her a chance to check up on Selena and make sure she’s doing good.

At this point, I believe Gomez is pretty fragile. A woman who constantly puts herself through disappointment by her alleged cheating boyfriend is only going to face that same feeling over and over again.

Quite frankly, Selena and Justin will never work out and the faster Selena realizes that, the better.

Maybe if the former Disney starlet was to move closer to Taylor, she’ll not only be free of Bieber drama, she’ll have time to focus on her career and perhaps meet genuinely nice guys who respect women.

Gotta give it to Taylor, she’s making Selena a good offer.

Should she take it?