Tinashe is such a breath of fresh air in the music industry.

Having unveiled her debut album ‘Aquarius’ this week, the R&B starlet is already being compared to the likes of Janet Jackson and Ciara with soulful, rhythmic music that truly represents music today in its particular genre.

Having listened to Tinashe’s album at least six times — I’m obsessed.

The production value of the record is seriously impressive considering it’s her first album.

I can quickly channel my ‘turn up’ mood with ‘2 On’ and ‘All Hands on Deck’ before calming down a little with songs such as ‘All Hands on Deck’ and ‘Feels Like Vegas’.

Describing the record is easy — presumably the sound of new R&B. It mixes work from the 80s and 90s and mashes it up with a modern production behind it.

‘How Many Times’ (which samples Janet Jackson’s ‘Funny How Times Flies’) is probably my favorite track of the album.

Compared to her hit song ‘2 On’, ‘How Many’ has a slow-tempo behind it and brings up its hype value with its featured artist, Future dropping one of his verses on the song — though it’s incredibly hard to make out what he’s actually saying.

Nevertheless, the song is a banger and I hope it becomes a single in the near future.

‘Aquarius’ and ‘Bet’ are another two favorites.

‘Aquarius’ sorta sets the tone for the album. It would explain why its the first song on the record.

All I hear is Aaliyah on this particular track — it’s giving me ‘One in a Million’ vocals and a little bit of ‘Choosey Lover’.

Overall, the album is as solid as can be.

While sales for the record will prove otherwise, that shouldn’t determine Tinashe’s talent, for this is only the beginning for her.

I wish the record label would’ve invested a stronger marketing campaign behind the album, but nevertheless, should you get a chance to hear it, you’ll appreciate the similarities the record has to 90s music.

A total breath of fresh air in the current twerk-filled movement.