Young Money’s known artist Tyga is unfortunately facing some difficulty with releasing his “Gold” album!

Now we all have been following the rumors of alleged new ‘fling’ Kylie Jenner, but why would that stop his album release?

Well according to reliable sources Lil Wayne is not at all happy with the new relationship.

Lil Wayne’s feelings about the relationship are made absolutely clear.

Sources say Lil Wayne has told Tyga before about the awkward relationship, not only does Lil Wayne have a daughter; Reginae Carter, the same age as Kylie but Kylie and Reginae are friends!

Tyga has been under the radar for quite some time and Lil Wayne can not afford anymore bad media with artist. I’m guessing Wayne also does not want Reginae around that type of behavior because it is obviously NOT okay.

Tyga has had a lot of subliminal messages through social media. One time replying to a fan on Twitter saying ” Not for long ” when asked was he still apart of Young Money.

Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mom has not spoken out about the relationship but I am not expecting her to. Being as though Kris finds that everything her daughters do is perfectly fine. I’m wondering how Bruce Jenner is feeling about it.

Hmm, makes you wonder being as though he is very overprotective over the girls!