Wendy Williams continues to be controversial, having recently addressed her thoughts on the leaked nude photos that emerged over the course of two months.

In particular, Wendy was very vocal on Jennifer Lawrence’s photos over comments the actress made, claiming people who looked at her photos were disgusting.

It was revealed in the October issue of Vanity Fair that Lawrence didn’t feel apologetic for having taken private photos of herself. She continued stating that for the hacker who made those photos public, she considers it a sex crime.

We all know she’s right. But Wendy Williams thought it was an opportunity to grab some attention with some ‘smart’ comments to her audience. If only she’d known how this was going to whip back at her.

After having established that the pictures were meant for her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, with which whom she was in a long distance relationship a few years ago, Lawrence went on to say: “Either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you,” to defend that these were very personal pictures and that her privacy was being ignored by this still anonymous hacker.

This is where Williams comes in. On her talk show, trying to be funny or even witty, Williams went on to make commentary about Lawrence’s statement in the mag with responses such as the following:

“Clap if you’ve looked at Jennifer Lawrence’s hacking pictures.”

“Clap if you’re lying because you really did look.”

“Jennifer Lawrence, you wanna know what? Don’t sweat this, young lady. I mean, you’re the one who took the pictures.” So if someone steals a car, parked in your garage, that you bought in the first place, it’s still not stealing?

Alright, then.

“Besides, Jen, you don’t look bad under your clothes and I think the ‘hackilation’ has actually made your career even hotter. Because she was red hot before but now it’s like heat-seeking missile hot. So hold your head up with pride!”

Is this your recommendation to other young actresses wanting to sky rocket their career, Wendy? Someone’s not looking to be a role model.

On the E! News website, where a post about Williams’ remarks was spoken of, a poll was placed with three options for readers to choose from on whether they agreed with Williams’ commentary on J-Law’s situation.

More than half the readers and viewers of the show that took the poll state they do not agree with any of the points that Williams tried to bring across.

Along with other comments from viewers on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter have shown the large amount of disagreement with Williams and how her remarks are disrespecting Jennifer Lawrence, showing that commentators support the actress and her statement.

Although Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t responded to Williams’ view of her sex crime case, not a scandal, her viewers definitely have and so have I, disagreeing with the show host and accusing the media of not supporting the very celebrities that give them the reason for their shows to exist.

With other celebrities and their fan bases also supporting Lawrence and other victims of the nude photo leaks in the iCloud hacking, as well as having the FBI looking to find the culprit of these leaks and invasions of privacy, let’s see any other talk show host try to make ‘funny’ remarks about this situation.

There’s no use in trying to blame these celebrities for calling out someone who’s stolen their privacy.

Besides, who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? There’s no trying to be against her.