Trust Wiz Khalifa to profit off of his divorce to Amber Rose.

The rapper unveiled his latest song last night, titled ‘P**sy Overrated’ and coincidentally featuring Ciara’s alleged cheating ex, Future.

The song’s title is self explanatory to what the song is talking about, but it’s even more interesting to look at the lyrics as it then becomes evident that each line that Wiz raps is about Amber.

“Oh you must think you a star don’t ya? Wanna be front seat in my car don’t ya? Cristal from the bar, don’t ya? Oh you must think we’ll go far don’t ya? Oh you must think I’ll fall hard don’t ya? Don’t you know I play my part, don’t ya,” he raps.

Khalifa also addresses how Amber got caught up with people telling her how good looking she is, before adding how the former stripper is addicted to social media and updating her Instagram photos.

Of course Amber Rose’s claims for divorcing Wiz was simply because she caught him cheating on several occasions and she supposedly doesn’t put up with it, so she filed court papers and was granted $1million and an additional $5k a month for child support.

But the song gets even more interesting when Ciara’s ex continues “You supposed to f*ck me like a star, girl you know you faking your pu**y overrated!”

Disrespectful or what?

It’s almost as if Future was saying that his reasoning for cheating was because Ciara couldn’t satisfy him in the bedroom department.

Disrespectful or what?

Hear the full song below: