Having had the movie ‘Unbroken’ in production for over a year, before finally getting the post-production treatment before its worldwide release, Angelina Jolie reveals the journey of creating this movie was very emotional for her.

The story in the film is based on a real story — which, undoubtedly, can always be seen as a struggle when wanting to portray something or someone in the exact way they were known.

Jolie talks the draining work it took to make this project, further explaining the story: “They say you should never meet your heroes, because they often disappoint you. But Louis really was one of the greatest people ever.”

Knowing that Angelina put her all into the movie, her work is not going unnoticed seeing that she’s already up for the Oscars buzz — critics firmly believe ‘Unbroken’ stands the chance for several Oscar nominations next year. It’s so-to-say Angelina’s biggest directorial film.

Variety goes on to add that Angelina took risks with this movie too. Instead of hiring popular actors and placing them in her movie, the actress took a different approach and had new actors fit the role of certain characters she was looking for.

On how the project came around to Angelina is quite a funny story. The outlet reveals that several directors had been hired to direct the film following several different script changes.

After two different scripts and two directors bailing on the idea of making the film, Angie was quick to jump on when she was approached: “There’s so much going on in the world today that could make you lose hope,” she says. “The movie follows the story of a woman caught in difficult circumstances, who has to persevere; that’s very synonymous with Louis Zamperini’s story.”

“To read about somebody who had something inspirational and positive — it was fulfilling. I wanted to be close to his story. I wanted to go on this journey and become a better person.”

Majority of ‘Unbroken’ was shot in Australia.