Benedict Cumberbatch’s three-word stories game with Jimmy Fallon last night turned out to be rather challenging for the two when the word ‘Booty’ became the mystery word.

Benedict and Jimmy were playing the game that simply consisted of one finding out the ‘mystery word’ through three words that are so-to-say hints for the other person to guess what the main word might be.

And though in the beginning the two started off quite well, ‘Booty’ changed the game up completely. The words went from making money to Kim Kardashian’s butt making Kanye money — but Jimmy still struggled to get the ‘booty’ word out of his mouth.

Though, we must say the hints that Benedict was giving were enough to make anyone realize what he was talking about.

After two minutes, Jimmy eventually caught up with what the whole laughter was about — the fact that him and Benedict had discussed ‘butt’ for the entire time but Jimmy still couldn’t say the word ‘booty’ made the game fun to watch.