Adam Sandler tops the list of overpaid actors in the year of 2014 as Forbes published the list of top 100 overpaid actors in 2014.

Some more famous names also have come along with Sandler in the top 10 like, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Channing Tatum, Ben Stiller,Denzel, Washington.Sandra Bullock was found to be the only female actor in that list of top 10.

The magazine published on December 23, says that:  Adam Sandler, despite of his successful movie this year “Grown-ups 2” is considered to be overpaid because, of great losses in his other two movies this year “Jack and Jill” and “That’s my boy” as a result estimated to be returning $3.20 for every $1 paid.

Here are the top 10 actors having overpaid:

  1.  Adam Sandler
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Ben Stiller
  4. Ryan Reynolds
  5. Tom Hanks
  6. Will Ferrell
  7. Channing Tatum
  8. Denzel Washington
  9. Sandra Bullock
  10. Ben Affleck

Adam Sandler

However, Johnny Depp on the other hand earned a nice profit from his “Pirates of Caribbean”.

But, still unfortunately he also needs to pay back $3.20 for every $1 paid due to his two major losses, “The Lone Ranger” and “Dark Shadows”.

Ben Stiller’s two movies “Tower Heist” and “The Watch (2012)” also faced losses. He is charged $4.80 per $1 paid.

Ryan Reynolds is in fourth position charged $4.9 per $1 paid. Tom Hanks, fifth in the list is to return $5.2 per $1 paid.

Channing Tatum, seventh in the list got fame and money both from his movie “Magic Mike” but, he’s paying back for “White House Down”.

Final three places of top 10 are taken by Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck respectively.

The top 100 list has been made keeping in mind the last three latest significant projects by the actors. Animation projects are not considered.