Christmas Day turned out to be the day of solidarity for free speech this year. After a dire journey through controversies which resulted in successive events, “The Interview” has finally hit the theatres, and has opened to good responses across various centers.

The movie, which depicts the assassination of North Korean leader on comical terms, opened its screening on the midnight of Christmas Eve and was released across 331 independent theatres, only a week after Sony announced that it is halting the theatrical release.

Though with that being nowhere near to the expected $20million it would have gathered if it had its release across 3000 screens, the movie has certainly set some new milestones for the studio like being the first of Sony to release online, alongside making it the first first film to simultaneously play across three different viewing platforms.

Reports are that people, who have came to the theatres either expressing solidarity or driven by hype, have embraced the movie in full swing for taking them through scenes of serious matters via laughter.

This, however, has not been the case with the entire screens as some theatres have found a shortage in the rush. Theatre owners have cited the movie being released on internet as the prime reason for this.

The Interview created the fanfare around it after Sony Entertainment studio was hacked by anonymous members, threatening terror attacks in the cinemas where it was supposed to release. Sony later pulled back from the release and announced the release on internet and video on demand formats, drawing attention from all corners including the Hollywood big names and even the President.

Co-directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have acknowledged the support for the movie and has thanked the mass for showing up in large numbers.

Sony has not yet revealed the earnings of the film and is expected to disclose the stats on Friday.

However the movie has been listed on top in Youtube Movies and Google Playstore.