Jennifer Lawrence can’t decide what she wants.

It’s being reported that the ‘Catching Fire’ actress is hoping to reconcile with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult following their split earlier this year.

Jen and Nicholas have called time on their romance at least three times now — and on all three occasions they give the excuse of “being too busy” as their reasoning to settle down and try and make something work.

You gotta ask yourself why they would get back together in the first place knowing that their careers aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. It’s funny though because it seems every time Jennifer Lawrence gets a break from filming the Hunger Games sequels, she’s back with Holt.

Several sources believe that a reconciliation is destined to happen.


Well, Jennifer and Nick will be spending a lot of time together once they start shooting their new movie together — X-Men: Apocalypse. Nick, who plays ‘Beast’, will reprise his role for a third time alongside his ex who is back as ‘Mystique’.

We know that Jennifer is now single again following her split from Chris Martin. That romance lasted no more than a month and Lawrence wants to rush back to her former flame? She really just needs to focus on her career, not chasing after men, but whatever.

It’s very likely that they’ll get back together knowing that they’ve split up so many times before, but I’m still worried how Nicholas Hoult will break the news to Kristen Stewart he wants to dump her for Jennifer.

In case you haven’t been following up, several news outlets are claiming that the actor and K-Stew have been ‘secretly hooking up’ ever since the two signed on to star in the upcoming movie ‘Focus’.

Whether I believe Kristen and Nicholas actually being a couple is doubtable but should it be true, Nicholas will still dump Stewart in an instant to reunite with Jennifer Lawrence.