Lady Gaga may be expecting her first child as reports claim she’s pregnant.

The singer, who was spotted out in New York earlier this week, wore a red, sequin dress on one particular day. The outfit was rather tight and it supposedly showed what seemed to be a slight baby bump.

These days, anything is a baby bump. A little bit of flab on a woman is instantly looked as her being pregnant. Ask Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner — they know.

But, it’s debatable on whether the story on Gaga being pregnant is true or not. Mother Monster has always been vocal on starting a family of her own in the future, she just never knew when it would happen.

As many of you may know, Gaga has been with Taylor Kinney for almost four years and the couple are said to be doing really well. There were even rumours claiming the couple had gotten married after Gaga and Taylor started wearing identical rings.

There’s no denying that Gaga is extremely private, like when she made the revelation that she was raped as a teenager earlier this week, nobody knew this until she confessed on the Howard Stern Show.

Who knows? For all that we know, she may very well be pregnant, and quite frankly, this would be the best time for Lady Gaga to have a child. She’s set to take off a year from music before she starts work on her third studio album, so that’s enough time to have a baby right?

Although, Gaga does plan on going on a small world tour in 2015 in support of her album, Cheek to Cheek, with legendary singer Tony Bennett. She did say that the tour would really just have her standing in one place and singing crazy notes for two hours, so even that wouldn’t affect her pregnancy at all.

She’s not dancing on stage for the upcoming tour so that would be a positive in her book, should she have a bun in the oven.

Congrats to Gaga if the rumours are true, and congrats in advance for when it does happen if this is just another bogus claim.