‘American Sniper’ which was directed by Clint Eastwood and starred Bradley Cooper scored big at the box office, and scored even bigger with the Academy – but the political nature of the movie, and murky nature of the content made many feel as though the movie was a split decision, rather than an outright hit. The movie was set in Iraq and was R-rated. It followed the life and career of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who was sadly killed in a shooting in 2013.

While the movie did not explore his post-military life, it followed closely as he became and battled with being one of the most-effective snipers in American history. His story, which received a lot of attention after he authored a book with the same title, was received very well by a large portion of the public. That being said, even though the Eastwood film made $107 million over the four-day weekend, many critics have described the movie as mediocre, and even gone as far as to say that the film couldn’t be any worse for describing political truths if it tried.

Some have contested that the movie screams pro-war messages that are simply untrue, and even have contested that it misguides many on what the truth looks like inside the world of those who serve at that level. The movie though, which follows the life of Chris Kyle, was nominated for six Academy Awards. For Eastwood, this was his best release since “Gran Torino” back in 2009.

While there haven’t been many critic brave enough to blast Cooper’s portrayal of Chris Kyle, many have said that the movie was significantly limited due to the fact that Eastwood was directing it. However, they back those statements up by suggesting that the content and box office numbers were ultimately what provoked the outpouring of nominations that American Sniper saw.

The biggest rift between movie critics and those who enjoyed the movie was the fact that they believed it so harshly took the theatrical approach – instead of political approach to telling his story. Many have said that if the movie were more conservative, or if the movie had been more liberally biased – it would have ultimately been a better movie. But, then again, the movie is ultimately being billed as the “story” of Chris Kyle, rather than the movie about Chris Kyle – which made many feel as though the movie misled them from start to finish.