‘The Bronze’ received some of the harshest criticisms of any movie that has appeared at the Sundance Movie Festival yet this year. The movie, which is directed by Bryan Buckley and stars Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, and Haley Lu Richardson – and was written by Melissa Rauch, and Winston Rauch – seems to deliver on nothing except an acrobatic sex scene. The plot follows the life of a washed up Olympian, who previously took a bronze medal in gymnastics – on a torn Achilles. While the story is one that many sports enthusiasts can relate to – her attitude is anything but Olympian.

The story begins ten years after her successful bid to medal at the Olympics – and in doing so, shows just how far Rauch’s character had fallen. Hope, as the character is known in the film, portrayed by Rauch, is bitter, angry, dubious, and even flat-out mean spirited. While that was likely the intention of the writers – it was portrayed in such a way that it would appear to have received criticisms like being called “tasteless” and “witless.” The Bronze takes place in Amherst, Ohio where Hope is given a task to complete in order to begin redeeming herself, and in being one of the most-negative characters that an individual could ever put on the big screen – does so, but entirely out of context.

That was likely in part because the director was an individual who had little experience beyond Super Bowl ads. Ironically enough, he might have choreographed a few Super Bowl ads in his day – but this movie might just be the end of the road for him as a movie director. However, it’s ultimately the sex scene that has everyone buzzing. It’s being dubbed “gymnast sex,” and had the entire crowd of individuals watching the movie doubled-over in laughter. While there was a lot of efforts put into that scene, many who watched the movie criticized, arguing that this was the only thing that had a true length of effort put into it.
Melissa Rauch is known for her role in the Big Bang Theory, which airs on Thursday nights on CBS. While it’s unclear how this movie might move in the future, it would presumably not be making any major waves beyond this single scene.