Teresa Giudice , the 42-year-old star has been imprisoned for 15 months. The glossy days are an end to her now.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa just ended the starry note of her life. She has been reported to be locked for a case of fraud against her leading to 15 months of imprisonment.

She herself turned up to the authorities and was ready to serve the imprisonment. She is said to be reporting for her sentence at Federal Correct Institution in Danbury which is a minimum security prison for women.

She could also be sent to Alderson prison camp in West Virginia where Martha Stewart was imprisoned in 2004-05.

Teresa’s attorney James Leonard has reported to Good Morning America that she drove herself overnight to reach the correctional authority from her home.

She was emotionally and mentally prepared for the situation and has gracefully accepted the enormity.

Joe Guidice is deeply affected by the situation and chose to remain quite about it. He sulked in grief post Teresa’s term.

The couple was caught in the act of mail and wire fraud activity post going bankrupt. After Teresa is done with her term her husband will be serving a 41 month jail and another 12 months of concurrent term for failing to file federal tax return.

Joe Guidice who is not a US citizen shall be deported once he is done with his term. It is a tough call for the couple right now.

Their eldest daughter Gia seems to be nervous about the whole situation and is not been able to sleep.