Actor George Clooney is no stranger to receiving award especially those that are given out for the best looking men.

The award for the Male Grooming Icon for the year 2014 has unsurprisingly gone to the actor who is so very famous for his good looks.

The actor was closely followed by hunky footballer David Beckham who bagged up the runner up award for the same category.

A survey was conducted to decide as to who will be receiving this award. The survey had about 2000 participants.

While the 53 year old Clooney won and Beckham became the first runner up, the ‘James Bond’ actor Daniel Craig went on to get the second runner up position.

All of the first three winners did not come as a surprise considering how well they look at all times and how impeccably they always dress themselves up.

The charming Prince William grabbed the fourth spot while Johnny Depp, the star of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ came in at number 5, the Daily Express reported.

At 53 years old, the recently married Clooney happens to be the oldest person in the entire list of well groomed men.

The head of men’s grooming and personal care of Superdrug, David Cooke, said that Clooney happens to be a very perfect example of the modern man.

He represents male grooming, both polished and sophisticated without having to compromise on the masculinity.

Mark Wright, the star of ‘Strictly’ led the brigade of younger men by coming in at rank 15 while Robert Pattison was placed at 19.