Actress Jennifer Lawrence was spotted with Chris Martin for a dinner date post their split last year in October.

Until October they were spotted together several times while their visit to the Coldplay front man at his Malibu home.

The couple was seen sharing a good chemistry until last year however they broke up as things between them didn’t turn up pretty well in between them.

The duo is said to be united back again for a formal dinner date in California, Los Angeles at Kiwami Sushi as reported by

This is the first time they seemed to be seen again post their split last year. The couple occupied seats at the back of the restaurant and seemed comfortable with each other.

They were broadly gazing at each other and talking less.  Martin was seen admiring her beauty and broadly gazing her and listening to her without talking much.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin

Jennifer was also enjoying his company without caring about anything else. The duo looked pretty settled together and seemed to enjoy a good time talking, listening and dining.

The outing came after Martin’s partner spoke about their divorce and opened up with her thoughts. Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly said there has been many up’s and down’s in their relationship.

They committed many mistakes together however she is still proud of the way things are working up without blaming anybody for the situation.

Gwyneth says she isn’t ashamed about anything at all and proud handling the situation.