Year 2015 dawned with good news from the entertainment arena. What would be better than wedding bells to usher in a Happy New Year?

That’s exactly what actor Joseph Gordon Levit too seems to have thought about.

After a year since revealing that he is in a relationship, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has walked elegantly on to marital territory.

The 33- year-old actor married Tasha McCauley, his long-time love, with close friends and relatives all in attendance.

Going by the reports that are flowing in, the couple is said to have taken the plunge on December 20th 2014 at a private ceremony held at their home.

If you would remember, the man who played Robin in Christopher Nolan’s depiction of Batman comics barely opened his mouth to disclose his relationship for long, but finally spilled the beans over the relation back in 2013.

While speaking to the People magazine back in year 2013, he admitted that he was in a relationship. However, he chose to step back from talking further about the relationship to the public.

He also kept the name of his fiancée hidden then by saying that his girlfriend doesn’t want to be a part of news breaks.

Joseph’s better half Tasha McCauley is not from the world with which the actor is busy most of the time.

McCauley is the co-founder and CEO of the Silicon Valley-based robotics company Fellow Robots. The duo makes the last of entry to the larger list of celebrity weddings in 2014.