Harper Lee’s second novel – the follow-up to “To Kill a Mockingbird” is set to be published and released this summer. While that came as momentous news for those who were fans of the original – and there were plenty of fans of the original – there was also a large contingency of individuals who believed that the move was one that was based on greed of those around Lee.

Many have questioned the mental health of Harper Lee since the announcement came that her publisher would be moving forward with an uncovered copy of “Go Set a Watchman,” which is the follow-up to her original hit novel. According to a New York Times report, she is even at the center of a potential elder abuse investigation in Alabama that has the state stepping in, to evaluate her own mental health – as well as interview the individuals who are employed at the assisted living center in Alabama where she resides.

In addition to that friends and family seem to be universally polarized on the subject, as well, citing that her mental health is either very poor – or fantastic – ultimately depending on the day. In 2007 Lee had a stroke that really seemed to have a long-lasting impact on her ability to hear, and see, but some reserve still that she maintains her ability to engage in thoughtful conversation – but like anyone at that age, and in her condition – some days are better than others.

While lawyers and spokespeople for both sides have gotten involved, this is something that both sides feel strongly about. On one hand, those who want this book published believe that this is something that she wanted and something that really mattered to her – pointing out that she made the conscious decision to publish this piece after being shy about the public light for many years. On the other hand, some people believe that this is a ploy for the publisher to pull down additional revenue and something that will ultimately damage her reputation as a writer and author. Some of those individuals have even gone as far as to call this version, and this book that is set to be published this summer – “amateurish” compared to her life’s work to this point.