Lady Gaga has been known to be one of the more extravagant musicians of the modern era. Whether we’re talking about her provocative music, her performances that don’t just deliver in quality – but in spirit as well, and apparently now her wedding, as well. The superstar singer has drafted the help of friend, fellow musician, and absolute legend – Tony Bennett to sing at her wedding.

While neither party has divulged too many details when it comes to what the performance will be like – or where the event will be taking place for that matter – Tony Bennett had nothing but positive things to say about being asked, as well as the soon-to-be married couple. “They invited me to do it and, of course, I will,” he said in a statement to the New York Post.

Her fiancé Taylor Kinney is best-known for his role as Kelly Severide on the hit NBC drama Chicago Fire, but has also had some roles in movies as well. Bennett called Gaga’s fiancé both “wonderful” and “talented,” and said that “I think he’s going to be highly successful in films.” Kinney popped the question on Valentine’s Day according to Gaga’s Instagram post that followed, revealing the heart-shaped diamond – while not actually revealing too many additional details.

Really, this was the first major piece of news that anyone had heard regarding their pending wedding. As a couple they have maintained a relatively low-profile and haven’t really gotten themselves in the middle of any major controversies. Even as Kinney’s ex has attempted to create some level of drama between the engaged couple – this news certainly goes a long way to shutting down the other conversations that have been taking place within that space.

The couple has been together for several years now, and while the engagement itself caught many off-guard it wasn’t something that necessarily came as a surprise to anyone who knew either of the individuals. Both had shown an extended period of commitment to each other and now it’s clear that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney will be sparing no extravagance when it comes to their day of wedded bliss.