The Jonas Brothers Working on an Album and a Reunion Tour

The Jonas Brothers Working on an Album and a Reunion Tour

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers

It has been six years since we last saw the Jonas Brothers rocking up in their tight pants and guitars but since then, the three has been pursuing each path in life.

Joe has been successful with his new group, DNCE. Meanwhile, Nick is flying solo with his new album and the oldest brother Kevin, whose career had slowed down to fulfill his Daddy responsibilities with his wife Danielle Deleasa and two daughters.

With the three seemingly busy with each of their success, it was reported that they would collaborate and form the group again to bring us back the Jonas Brothers we have been missing for years. reported that the band is already working on the studio in “what might be a back-to-roots album.” It was said that the three already have eight songs and that it still in its “early stages.” Details were also said to be kept highly.

And what comes after the album is of course, a tour. Rumors claimed that the band will have a World Tour right after the said album release.

Everything may seem to look like that all has been planned. However, representatives from the Jonas Brothers reportedly denied the existence of the album and the tour.

Each of them is currently pursuing solo careers. Joe is still busy with an album with DNCE, which will be out this coming Nov. 18. Nick’s album, Last Year was Complicated, is still a commercial success since its release in June. These two may still have a lot on their plate.

Though everything might still be rumors, and an album is still a long way to go, there is still a possibility that the three would form again and bring us back the beloved Jonas Brothers. Nsync has done it, so did Spice Girls and Destiny Child. So why would not they?

Photo Source:  Wikimedia Commons|Roger luiz pe da silva