Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs former host Mike Rowe has always been recognized as hard-working and diligent. Rowe has recently been raising his voice in support of more skilled labor in the U.S.

According to Independent Journal Review, Mike Rowe has expressed his opinions on the urgent need for more skilled labor in America and has been requested to testify the same before the Congress.

A few days back, a critic commented on Rowe’s website that it’s the money-hankering employees who need to be blamed for the ongoing gap in skills in different industries. To this, Mike Rowe had the most lucid example as the answer. He clearly explained why the issue is so much more than a few money-minded employees.

In his comment, the critic Jason Steiner has written that he was tired of the skills gap. He claimed he had a Porsche gap. He did not find enough Porsches to buy at the preferred price. He was miffed that nobody cared about how much he wanted to pay.

Jason Steiner believed that if he wanted a Porsche, he had to pay a price that outbid everyone else’s. He opined that it was the same with skilled labor where, if you wanted more you should be ready to pay more. He said that people stopped trying to properly work because they were not treated properly.

To this, Mike Rowe has an interesting reply in his own classic style. And all his examples were based on filthy examples.

He said suppose one needs a plumber to fix their toilet which exploded in the morning, the situation is obviously urgent. And the ongoing plumbing rate is $88/hour. It would be no problem for someone who has a lot of money to buy as many Porsches as he wants. But what if there are no plumbers available?

This is the Mike Rowe fashioned response. Rowe definitely stood up to his levels of witty and classy responses.

Photo Source: Flickr