American actress, Meghan Markle, of Suits seems to be in the limelight too often these days. After her alleged relationship with Prince Harry, the tabloid media looks very interested in fetching every news about the actress. Meghan is believed to be at the top of the contenders to be the next Bond girl. Rumors are rife that Prince Harry is not very happy about the news.

New James Bond movie actor is Meghan?

Reports claim that Meghan Markle, who plays one of the lead roles in TV series, Suits, is all set to make her big Hollywood debut in the new James Bond movie. This comes just at the right time when the royal romance with Prince Harry started circulating.

According to a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the beautiful actress has made it to the top four amongst the contenders for the role of Jane Bond along with Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Ratajkowski and Margot Ronnie. However, reports suggest that Prince Harry is not very positive about this development in Markle’s career as he is most likely to have other future plans for her.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Harry Against it?

Not only this, but Queen Elizabeth was aware that Prince Harry’s relationship with a Hollywood actress would be a disaster as it would be a chance for Markle to use her royal connection to generate publicity for herself. Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry, brought her the much-needed fame and bump in her career. However, Harry had been looking for someone to get settled down with.

It is obvious that if Meghan bags the role of the Bond girl, then her career would get a major boost and she would continue working on better and bigger projects. In such a scenario, it would be difficult for her to give time to her personal life or to charities and royal commitments. After all the limelight and attention, she has enjoyed after her relationship became public, it is impossible that Markle would keep her career on hold for the Queen and her monarchy.

Should Markle and Prince Harry continue their relationship and take the next step? What will Markle choose? Her career or Prince Harry? Stay tuned.

Photo Source: Flickr