Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have always been believed to be the perfect couple. However, it looks like the actress and her beau have been facing quite a lot of troubles in their relationship recently. It is being speculated that the duo might file for divorce anytime soon. Read on to know more about Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban divorce:

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Relationship

HNGN reported that Nicole opened up regarding her messy experience with Keith’s alcohol addiction and his recovery. She bravely shared the struggles and difficulties she and Keith faced and the lessons it taught them.

On the recent The Jess Cagle Interview, Nicole had stated that she had to force Keith into getting help as he was unable to cope up with alcohol consumption. Keith was addicted to consuming excess alcohol and that created a lot of trouble in their marriage. Nicole revealed that she believed their relationship could work if she could be a strong support for her husband.

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Nicole Kidman On Keith Urban’s Alcohol Addiction

According to a report by The Sun, Keith had enrolled for a rehabilitation camp named Betty Ford Center in 2007 after his wife clearly stated that nobody could help him until he himself does. The couple’s marriage is quite strong and they had two kids in their 10 years of marriage. It is very unlikely that the divorce rumors could be true.

It is believed that Urban is extremely happy and thankful for Kidman’s constant support through the tough times. He expressed about his struggles mentioning that once he had given up on life and didn’t want to live longer. It was his wife’s constant encouragement and support that helped him get better and happier.

It is great to see the couple going strong even after facing so many hurdles. We really hope that things go smooth for them and the divorce rumors are wiped off soon. Stay tuned for more updates on Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban divorce.

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