Queen Elizabeth has always been negative about any of the princes dating Hollywood actresses. We all know how much she loathes the limelight and tabloid media. She has been, therefore, rejecting Prince Harry and his relationship with Meghan Markle, who is an American actress. However, it looks like Queen Elizabeth will have to bow down before the Prince’s adamant attitude.It is being speculated that the Queen might grudgingly give her blessing to Prince Harry girlfriend Meghan Markle.

The Forbidden Loves of the Royal Family

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Queen Elizabeth might agree to Prince Harry’s relationship and keep his happiness above her monarchy after witnessing a lot of heartache in her 64 years of reign. The story seems interesting. It started when King Edward VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s uncle abdicated to marry an American in 1936.  Later, the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret wanted to marry a 16-years older senior divorcee.

Despite a lot of counseling, Queen Elizabeth never gave a nod to Princess Margaret’s marriage. The result of this stubbornness was devastating. It ruined Princess Margaret’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth and she landed up in a loveless marriage with Anthony Armstrong-Jones. Margaret has been in the news for several extramarital affairs after that.

Another sad story was that of Prince Charles who was asked to marry Lady Diana Spencer despite loving Camilla Parker, who married Andrew Parker-Bowles. Prince Charles carried on an adulterous affair with his lady love, Camilla during his marital life with Princess Diana.

Prince Harry Engaged Soon?

Queen Elizabeth must have been terrified when Prince Harry disclosed about his relationship with a divorced American actress, Markle. Maybe the painful history that the Queen has witnessed will force her into accepting Prince Harry’s relationship. It is obvious that the Queen would not want anyone from the royal family to face a situation like Prince Charles, Princess Margaret, or King Edward.

In such a backdrop, will Queen Elizabeth allow Prince Harry to marry his lady love, Markle, to avoid the heartache she has witnessed other members experience? Stay tuned for further updates.

Photo Source: Flickr