Amber Heard & Johnny Depp divorce update: Finally, it’s here! After several ugly and tiring months of merciless tabloid war between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the stars are finally divorced. However, there is a new twist to the plot now. Apparently, Depp is not inclined to keep respect of his agreement with Heard. Read on to know more on the couple’s divorce:

Johnny Depp Violating The Divorce Agreement?

Stopru recently reported that Depp is not interested in paying the agreed $7 million to Heard, which was planned to be donated to two charities. The actor is pressing on paying the amount to charity by himself without passing it on to his ex-wife. This would save him a significant portion of the tax he is supposed to pay.

Another source mentioned that Depp would make all plans possible to get his work done, even if it involves thwarting Heard. It is strange that the actor is ready to go to any extent to reap the benefits of tax reduction. It was also speculated that Heard hasn’t donated all of the amount she received to the charity. However, these are still rumors and nothing has been confirmed.

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Johnny Depp Delays Payment To Amber Heard

Reports claim that in a fit to not pay the money to Heard, Depp has granted a delay of one year to make the payment. He is doing all this to just trouble his ex-wife. We all know that Depp’s fortune is much larger than this sum that he is supposed to pay. Therefore, it is clear that this move of the actor is just to rouse Heard.

Heard recently made a radical decision when she sent an advance of $350,000 to one of the charities.

Stay tuned for Amber Heard & Johnny Depp divorce update.

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