Empire Season 3 finale is finally about to arrive after weeks of plotting and controversies. The upcoming episode of the season looks promising in terms of more battles, fabulous furs and patch-ups. The year is all set to end in a dramatic way as far as the third season of Empire is considered. Read further to know more about the finale.

Upcoming Plots in Empire Season 3

According to latest reports from Wetpaint, Diana Dubois is not impressed as Cookie gives a speech at one of Angelo’s events. Cookie will be seen plotting and hatching controversies while standing aside in the shadows. We could assume that the lady learned of this from Andre Lyon.

The fans and followers of the show could expect some fun and entertainment as Tiana and Hakeem are all set to perform together on the show. This means we get to witness quite some light sequences in the finale episode of Season 3.

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Interesting Sequences Coming Up on Empire Season 3

Tiana and Hakeem’s duet performance is sure to attract all the viewers of the show. First it was the hair braiding for Hakeem that gained attention and now this duet performance. It would be great to watch the duo share some sizzling chemistry on the show. They will be seen flaunting their matching metallics in the episode.

It would be great to watch the reaction of the audience. The viewers present on the sets gave mixed reaction to Hakeem and Tiana’s performance. Meanwhile, Cookie and her fur get into a serious discussion with Jamal Lyon. The heated discussion is clearly about his combination of the tunic-leather pants-jacket that he wears.

Besides this, Lucious Lyon would be seen enjoying with balloons, which he uses to erase Angelo from reality. Angelo gets hit by some hard questions that he does not answer. Watch out for more exciting updates on Empire Season 3 Finale.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Empire