Fans of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be interested to know more about the couple’s relationship status. After their breakup, Bieber has been spotted hanging out with other women. However, recently it was rumored that Bieber is still in love with his ex, Gomez and dating other women is just a means of escape for him.

Justin Bieber’s Dating Life

According to latest reports, Bieber was spotted with a woman in California. Bieber and the unnamed woman were spotted together boarding a private jet in Van Nuys on Sunday. The woman was dressed in a white hoodie and also carried a pink winter jacket. It is still unclear about who the woman could be. It could be just a friend or an assistant to the singer. But the news has already sparked off rumors about Bieber dating a new woman.

Not only this, but Bieber was also spotted partying with his ex-girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin. Such news throws light on Bieber’s intentions of just having fun and going around with women casually. Earlier on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Bieber had stated that he is not dating anyone at the moment and would prefer to be single for some time now.

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Justin Bieber Not Dating Selena Gomez

Bieber’s announcement of staying single broke hopes of the fans who were still expecting him to get back with Gomez. However, both the singers have tried to move on post their separation. Gomez has made it clear that she would concentrate only on her health after her return from the rehab facility, where she joined for treating her Lupus disorder.

Gomez also announced that she has decided to keep negative people out of her life. She stated that she took 90 days off which was the most refreshing and rejuvenating phase for her. Reports claim that Bieber doesn’t have her phone number as she is trying to make sure that nothing hurts her.

Chances are bleak that the couple might get back together. Stay tuned for more Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez news.

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