Director Alex Kurtzman is teasing some interesting film concepts and it sounds promising so far.

The Mummy had lots of film entries from really great ones to terrible sequels and failed entries. Although topping off the original film is going to be quite a challenge since numerous sequel attempts proved to be shoddy and lackluster.

This time around, Kurtzman hopes to revamp the franchise and breathe new life to The Mummy once again. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kurtzman teased that there’s going to be two origin stories in the upcoming The Mummy 2017.

Reviving a mummified franchise

The director hinted that The Mummy will present an “origin story” in two fronts. Although Kurtzman was careful not to divulge further details on what those two different fronts might be. However, the director did tease that he’s hoping to take away Tom Cruise’s heroic antics.

Kurtzman believes that it will be scarier if Tom Cruise wouldn’t be able to solve problems right away. The Star Trek producer wanted to bring back that challenge in monster movies. A challenge where characters wouldn’t have much control over situations, making things more exciting.

The Mummy 2017
Director Kurtzman hopes to take away Tom Cruise’s ability to solve problems in The Mummy 2017.

The Mummy 2017 cast and production

Kurtzman has also worked on the original Transformers film as a writer. He’s also responsible for producing big-budget films like Star Trek and The Amazing Spider-Man. We could expect the upcoming The Mummy film to also be a big-budget installment in the franchise.

The plot involves the awakening of an ancient princess played by Kingsman actress Sofia Boutella.Other cast mates include Annabelle star Annabelle Walls and Russell Crowe. Walls will play as Jenny Halsey while Crowe will play as the renowned Dr. Jekyll.

Of course, we can also expect Tom Cruise to play as the leading character, Nick Morton. Prepare for a creature feature when The Mummy hits theaters on summer, June 9, 2017.

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