Taylor Swift & John Mayer Relationship:  John Mayer created a stir recently when he mentioned December 13 is the lamest day of the year. What’s interesting to note is that this is his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s birthday! Mayer insisted that he meant no harm towards the singer. However, the tabloid was already speculating the possibility of any upcoming feud between the estranged couple. Read on to know more about the story.

John Mayer Calls Taylor Swift’s Birthday ‘Lame’?

US Magazine recently reported that the crooner created a buzz when on Tuesday, December 13th, he posted on his social media account that the 13th of December may be the lamest day of the year conceptually. What’s more eye-catching is that he deleted the message in less than 10 minutes after posting it. He was hugely slammed for his “shady” post.

The post created an outrage among the fans of Swift who lashed at John for his comments.  Mayer clarified in another post that he meant no harm towards Swift and said that there was absolutely no shade. The singer added a heart emoji at the end to make it clear that he had no ill intentions.

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John Mayer & Taylor Swift

John and Taylor swooned fans when they started dating in 2009. However, the relationship went too sour for the couple. Taylor released her track Dear John that was rumored to be a song for Mayer. Mayer was quoted as saying that he was really humiliated by the particular song.

However, since that day, the two stars have gone back to being friends. Mayer also told that he respected Taylor for her pushback against Spotify. The past October, the estranged couple found each other at the same party where they chose to avoid any kind of public drama.

Will John Mayer’s post create any further controversy? Stay tuned for more Taylor Swift & John Mayer Relationship updates.

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Photo Source: Facebook/taylorswift