Tom Hardy’s muscular physique was highlighted in the new Taboo teaser that featured him buck naked.

The Taboo miniseries trailer showed that the British actor isn’t uncomfortable to be in his birthday suit. Hardy is seen sporting his well-built physique and a wide tattoo that envelopes his shoulder. One might wonder why the 39-year-old actor would take such a daring role.

As a matter of fact, Taboo is a story written by both Tom and his dad, Chips Hardy. With that said, the British actor is playing a role that he himself knows quite well. Hardy will play as James Delaney, a man driven and fueled by revenge.

Taboo miniseries
Tom Hardy will be struggling as a prisoner in the Taboo miniseries

A different Tom Hardy in Taboo

Delaney returns to his hometown in London after years of living in Africa. Now he finds himself in a sticky situation as he’s locked up for treason. Hardy’s character will be in dark places as he’ll be locked in cold, dank chambers.

His role as James Delaney is a stark difference from his previous movie roles. The 39-year-old is used to playing as hulking characters such as Bane in Dark Knight Rises. As Bane, he’s a threatening figure with power and control, which isn’t the case with playing as Delaney.

Taboo miniseries
The Taboo miniseries will lead James Delaney to a journey rife with struggles.

A tale of revenge

We will see James Delaney build his shipping empire in the Taboo miniseries. But before he gets to that, he’ll go through the path of revenge. After finding out what his murdered father has left for him to unearth, he sets out on a journey fueled by revenge.

Of course, we can expect him to go through struggles before realizing his goal. TV series veteran Kristoffer Nyholm will direct the drama series, Taboo. Nyholm has directed multiple TV series such as crime drama The Killing and horror mini-series Enfield Haunting.

It would be interesting to see how Hardy’s performance translates to Delaney’s complicated and grave situation. We’ll see for ourselves when Taboo miniseries premieres on January 10, 2017, on FX.

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Photo Source: YouTube/Taboo official trailer