Fans will Carrie Fisher reprise her iconic role for the last time, in the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8.

Carrie Fisher has always been an iconic member of the Star Wars family. Her breakout role started back in 1977 when she donned the persona of the spunky Princess Leia. Unfortunately, her passing means that fans will never see her appear in future Star Wars films.

However, just like the first Star Wars film, fans still have hope in seeing princess Leia. A report from Variety indicated that some sources are confirming Carrie Fisher’s role in Episode VIII. As a matter of fact, it’s reported that Fisher has actually completed filming all her Episode 8 scenes.

Star Wars Episode 8’s parting gift

If the sources were right, then this would be an appropriate parting gift to Star Wars fans. The 60-year-old actress’ death was unexpected and fans weren’t prepared for the unfortunate event. The last time Fisher reprised her role was in Episode 7 Force Awakens.

Although we did get a glimpse of her younger CGI-version Princess Leia in Rogue One. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the same without the real Princess Leia, who could’ve still appeared in succeeding Star Wars film. 

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Star Wars Episode 8
Chewie will definitely miss Princess Leia calling him a walking carpet.

Forever be remembered

Fisher will forever be immortalized in Star Wars history and pop culture. Though her passing was sudden, her presence will forever be in the hearts of millions of fans. She had a history of mental health problems but served as an inspiration to those afflicted.

The 60-year-old actress was riddled with substance abuse however, she kept fighting through. Her cardiac arrest might have taken her life, but not her memory. Fans will always remember her as the spunky princess that everyone adored.

Her appearance in Star Wars Episode VIII will serve as a good tribute to the iconic princess. Let’s have our fingers crossed for the official announcement of her Episode 8 appearance. 

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Photo Source: Twitter/Star Wars feature, Twitter/Star Wars official