The Big Bang Theory fans are wondering what’s taking Sheldon Cooper so long to pop the “will you marry me” question. 

Fans of the comedy sitcom series have their eyes on the socially-awkward couple Sheldon and Amy. Some fans are anticipating the moment when Sheldon will finally propose to Amy. While it’s taking quite longer than usual, it doesn’t make the scenario any less exciting.

Fans aren’t alone on that note since executive producer Steve Molaro is just as excited about the idea. After all, Sheldon already has an engagement ring in his drawer ready. With the recent events of the couple moving-in together, things are about to get interesting.

Not in a hurry for marriage

A season spoiler revealed via EW suggests that there’s a “boatload” of stories to explore on the next episodes. Since both Amy and Sheldon started living together, there are lots of scenarios to explore. With so many possibilities for “fun stories,” there wouldn’t be much reason to jump the gun in marriage.

While the marriage idea is still pretty much up in the air, it’s with good reason. Molaro admitted that they’re in no rush to push through with that idea. It will still happen eventually, but there’s still so many stories to tell before getting there. 

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The Big Bang Theory plot twist will involve delaying the Sheldon-Amy engagement albeit with good reason.

More Big Bang Theory plot drama

The socially inept Sheldon will eventually visit his mother on episode 12 of season 10. This will make way for even more awkward situations in the Big Bang Theory plot. Sheldon will reveal to his mother that he and Amy are living together.

From the sound of his confession, we can expect that things won’t turn out well for him. The evolution of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship was dramatically slow-paced. However, the two started living together and that’s a big step in their relationship.

This indicates that things are finally heating up! We’ll find out soon once The Big Bang Theory returns from its two-week break. The comedy sitcom resumes airing on January 5

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